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The Dangers of Turns and Curves for Motorcyclists

Ohio motorcycle accident attorneyMotorcycle riders face many risks on the road, including drivers who do not know how to share the road in a safe way. Motorcyclists can be hurt or killed at any time by a driver who makes a careless choices, fails to yield, or does not follow the rules of the road.

However, there are certain situations and certain locations on the road where there is an elevated danger for motorcycle riders. One example is when motorcyclists are going around curves on roadways. Turns are also especially dangerous for motorcyclists, especially in situations where drivers are making turns and do not see riders.

Motorcyclists need to be aware of the added risk at turns and curves. While accidents caused by turning often happen due to careless drivers who don't take the time to check for riders before making a turn, accidents when motorcyclists go around curves are often single vehicle accidents that happen when motorcyclists lose control.

If a motorcycle crash is caused by a driver who made an unsafe turn, the accident victims could potentially pursue a claim for compensation from the driver. If the crash is caused by a motorcyclist rider who takes a curve too fast, the passenger on the bike could potentially seek monetary damages from the motorcyclist.

A recent tragic accident in Ohio illustrates the dangers of motorcycle accidents when going around curves. The accident caused the death of a 39-year-old Akron woman. The motorcycle collision happened in Springfield Township, and occurred on Killian Road near to Plymouth Drive.

The motorcycle rider was riding on a 2005 Harley Davidson bike and was traveling in an east bound direction. As she was traveling, she was not able to negotiate around a curve in the road. She lost control of the motorcycle, which caused the motorcycle to go off of the road. When the motorcycle left the roadway, the bike struck a nearby tree. The motorcycle rider was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

First responders reported to the scene of the crash, and the motorcyclist was taken to the hospital for treatment by paramedics. Unfortunately, her injuries in the motorcycle accident were too severe. She died at the hospital. Law enforcement officers are investigating the reason why the collision occurred, and according to preliminary reports, they do not believe either alcohol or drugs played a contributing role in causing the motorcycle accident to happen.

Unfortunately, the accident is one of many which occur when motorcyclists are not able to navigate curves safely. Motorcycle riders should slow down when approaching curves in the road, especially if the roads are wet or the curve is a sharp one.  If motorcyclists are able to travel more slowly at curves, many single vehicle accidents could be avoided.

Turns, like curves, are also one of the road's most dangerous spots for motorcyclists- although the big risk to motorcycle riders at turns is that other drivers will fail to see them. Making eye contact with drivers is advisable when possible for motorcyclists at turns, but riders are unfortunately largely dependent upon drivers to do the right thing and look twice before turning to avoid causing a motorcycle accident.


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