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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys OhioMotorcycle accidents happen fast, but the effects can sometimes last a lifetime. In an instant, you or a loved one can sustain a serious motorcycle accident injury. Suddenly you might not be able to move your arms or legs normally. You might even not be able to work for weeks or months or even longer.

Even with a helmet, motorcyclists often sustain catastrophic injuries because they have little protection against cars, trucks and other large vehicles that crash into them. Fatal motorcycle accidents also sometimes occur. On average, more than 100 people die in Ohio motorcycle accidents each year.

And to make matters worse, many motorcyclists often get blamed for accidents caused by other drivers. That's not right. If you were injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle wreck, you will need a strong advocate fighting for your rights. Let Gervelis Law Firm investigate on your behalf - and hold the responsible party accountable.

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    Important issues involving motorcycle accident claims

    There are many issues you need to address after a motorcycle accident - from receiving the right medical care to making sure your legal rights are protected. Learn more about these issues by clicking on the links below:

    Why should I hire Gervelis Law Firm to handle my motorcycle crash?

    Damaged motorcycle on ground after motorcycle accidentThe Ohio motorcycle accident attorneys at Gervelis Law Firm work quickly once you decide to hire us to handle your motorcycle accident claim. We will carefully investigate every aspect of your crash, from collecting medical records and accident reports to dealing with insurance companies on your behalf.

    We have extensive experience handling motorcycle accident cases. Our attorneys work hard to hold negligent drivers accountable for the damage they cause. We know the excuses negligent drivers often use, including blaming the accident on blind spots when they simply were not paying attention to the road around them.

    FAQs about motorcycle accident claims

    Motorcycle accident victims and family members often have many questions after a motorcycle crash. Finding accurate answers to these questions can often be a challenge. That's why we created this section devoted to some of the most frequently asked questions about motorcycle accidents. We also encourage you to contact our law firm directly with any questions you might have about your specific accident.

    What are common causes of motorcycle accidents?

    Motorcycle accidents happen for many different reasons. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle crashes include:

    • Inattentive drivers - Many drivers claim they didn't see the motorcycle before crashing into one. But what they often mean is they weren't paying close attention before they crashed into a motorcyclist.
    • Distracted drivers - Whether it's texting while driving, talking on a cellphone or eating while driving, many drivers often cause accidents involving motorcyclists due to distracted driving.
    • Left-hand turn - Many drivers strike motorcyclists while attempting to make a left-hand turn. Specifically, 40 percent of all accidents involving motorcycles and another car involve the car attempting to make a left turn.
    • Speeding - When drivers speed, they often don't have time to slow down and avoid crashing into a motorcyclist. And because speeding drivers are traveling so fast, they often cause serious or even fatal motorcycle accidents.
    • Reckless driving - Changing lanes without warning, weaving in between traffic and tailgating are some examples of reckless driving that could result in a motorcycle crash.

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    What are common motorcycle accident injuries?

    Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries include:

    • Road rash - One of the most common motorcycle accident injuries, road rash involves a motorcyclist sliding across the pavement, which results in the skin being scrapped off. Road rash can sometimes result in permanent nerve damage below the skin.
    • Emergency services on the scene of a motorcycle accidentBroken bones - Bones in a motorcyclist's hands, arms, legs and face sometimes break or fracture due to a motorcycle accident crash. Depending on the location of the broken bone and severity of the break, injury victims might need months to fully recover.
    • Traumatic brain injuries - Even if motorcyclists wear a helmet, they can still sustain a serious injury to the head in a motorcycle crash. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) might seem mild at first. A mild concussion, for example, is a TBI that you might think you can handle on your own. But it's critical that you have a medical professional examine you immediately if you injured your head in a motorcycle accident. You need to protect your health. You also want to show the insurance company you are taking your injury seriously.
    • Spinal cord injuries - Injuries to the spine caused by motorcycle accidents can be severe. Sometimes, motorcyclists sustain spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis of the legs (paraplegia) or the legs and arms (quadriplegia). When such injuries occur, it's critical that injury victims get accurate legal advice as soon as possible after an accident.

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    Should I accept an offer from an insurance company for my motorcycle accident?

    Always discuss any offer from an insurance company with an attorney before agreeing to accept the money. What might seem like a fair motorcycle accident settlement offer could turn out to be far less than you rightfully deserve for your accident. Don't sell yourself short. If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury in a motorcycle crash, your family deserves to be compensated for medical bills, lost income, lost future income and other expenses associated with your crash.

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    Can I negotiate for more money for my motorcycle crash?

    Ohio ranks in the top 5 states for motorcycle accidentsYes. Insurance companies don't want people to know that they have the right to ask for more money for their motorcycle accident claim. We can review any offer you receive from an insurance company for your motorcycle crash and help you decide if you should demand more compensation. We have years of experience handling such negotiations with insurance companies, and we're eager to work with you.

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    How much is my motorcycle accident claim worth?

    There is no set dollar amount for motorcycle accidents. Every motorcycle accident claim is unique. That's because the circumstances surrounding each crash vary significantly from one accident to another. We can analyze your crash and help you determine how much your claim might be worth. We can work with you to obtain the money you need to make you whole again.

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    Should I file a motorcycle accident lawsuit?

    Perhaps. Sometimes filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit might be the best way to obtain compensation. But many other options often exist after a serious motorcycle accident.

    That's why we want to meet with you and discuss the best way for you to get the money you need after your crash. We offer a free case evaluation to all potential clients.

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