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Rated one of the Top 100 places to live in America, Canfield, OH, might seem perfect to people who live here. Car accidents can happen here when you least expect them. Don't be caught off guard. Take action. Contact a Canfield, OH car accident lawyer who knows the city and knows how to get results in Mahoning County, OH. Contact Gervelis Law Firm. Our personal injury attorneys represent clients throughout the region.

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Whether you're dealing with a car accident on East Main Street or a tractor-trailer accident on the Ohio Turnpike or Route 11 in Canfield, personal injury attorney Mark S. Gervelis and his talented legal team want to work with you and help you get your life back on track.

A car accident can have a major impact on you and your family. Recovery can take months, or even longer. In some case, you may be left with a permanent disability. Medical expenses for treating your injury can add up fast, and can soon become overwhelming. If your injury leaves you unable to work, there is less income coming in. It can become harder to make ends meet.

That's why you need an experienced car accident attorney who can help you hold negligent parties accountable and help you recover the compensation you need and deserve. We know how to build strong cases that insurance companies have to take seriously. Some of the other cases we handle include:

Contact us and schedule a free case evaluation at our Canfield, OH office. Whether you live or work in Canfield or Youngstown, or another Northeast Ohio community, you can count on us. We can also meet with you in your home, your hospital room or wherever works best for you. You decide. Meet with us and learn more about your legal options after your accident.

Car accidents

Cars travel down the roads of Canfield every single day – down Main Street, Herbert Road and other streets throughout the city. A car accident on any road can leave people seriously hurt. They can be left with rising medical expenses. If they are too hurt to return to work, there is less money coming in to pay the bills.

Insurance companies are supposed to help when people have been hurt in a car accident, but negligent drivers often deny any fault for what happened. The insurance company will likely try to pay you as little as possible – or even nothing at all. Their lawyers look out for their best interests. You may even be blamed for causing the crash.

Our Canfield car accident attorneys have been dealing with insurance companies for decades. We build strong cases they can't ignore. Then we fight to help you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries, either through a negotiated settlement or a jury verdict.

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Truck accidents

Trucks are a common sight in Canfield. Most of the time, we barely pay any attention to them. But when there's a truck accident, the results can be devastating. Commercial trucks are often large and heavy and leave people with serious injuries in a crash. These injuries include broken bones, internal injuries, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries.

Truck drivers are often responsible for causing truck accidents. But trucking companies can also be responsible - for example, by neglecting to maintain the truck. Recovering compensation after a truck accident can be difficult. Trucking companies may be from another state. And there can be multiple parties involved, with multiple insurance companies and numerous lawyers.

Our Canfield truck accident attorneys know how to identify negligent parties and build strong cases to hold them accountable. We fight for a resolution of your case that includes compensation for current and future medical expenses, lost wages and other damages such as pain and suffering and emotional distress.

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Highway accidents

Drivers in Canfield can be seen every single day on US 224, US 62 and other highways in the area. Highways offer a fast way to get to where you're going. But when there's a crash, the force of impact can leave people with very serious injuries. They are left with medical bills that become overwhelming, and may not be able to return to work.

Negligent drivers may deny doing anything wrong. And insurance companies try to avoid their responsibility to pay compensation. They also have lawyers working on their behalf to limit the amount of money they need to pay out. You may even be blamed for the accident.

That's why you need an experienced Canfield highway accident attorney working for you. Our firm has been helping the injured for decades. We know how to build strong cases that get results, either through negotiated settlements or jury verdicts.

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Transit accidents

Many people in Canfield use mass transit such as buses to get to where they're going. But if there's an accident, people can get seriously hurt. Passengers don't usually wear seatbelts and can be thrown from their seats. They may suffer cuts and bruises, broken bones, back injuries, or neck injuries. More serious injuries include traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries.

A transit accident may have been caused by negligence on the part of the driver, bus company, or the manufacturer of parts on the bus that are defective. These cases can be complicated as multiple insurance companies and multiple lawyers may be involved. And all of the insurance companies would like to pay as little as possible.

Our experienced Canfield transit accident attorneys know how to handle these complex cases. We investigate what happened to get the facts. Then we build a strong case that proves you were the victim of negligence. Our goal is to get you the maximum financial compensation possible.

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Motorcycle accidents

Many people in Canfield love to ride motorcycles. But it only takes one negligent driver to cause a motorcycle accident that can leave motorcyclists with serious injuries. They can face months or years of recovery, and medical expenses that can become overwhelming. And if they are left unable to return to work, there is less income coming in.

Insurance companies think motorcyclists are reckless and irresponsible. The way they look at it, motorcyclists must have done something to cause the accident. And the negligent driver who actually caused the accident is likely to deny responsibility. This makes it difficult to recover financial compensation after a motorcycle accident.

At Gervelis Law Firm, our Canfield motorcycle accident attorneys have been helping injured bikers for decades. We know how to build a strong case that proves a negligent driver caused the accident that left you hurt. And we fight to recover the compensation you need and deserve.

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Pedestrian accidents

When people go out walking in Canfield, they usually don't think about getting into an accident. But it only takes one negligent driver to cause a pedestrian accident that can leave someone seriously hurt. Because pedestrians have no protection, they can suffer injuries such as broken bones, traumatic brain injury, internal injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Drivers who cause pedestrian accidents may have been distracted, or drowsy, or speeding, or driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. But they often don't take responsibility for what happened. And insurance companies often try to pay injured pedestrians as little as possible. They have lawyers looking out for their interests.

That's why you need a Canfield pedestrian accident attorney who will look out for you. Our firm has been helping the injured for decades. We investigate your accident so we can build a strong case that proves a driver was negligent. Then we fight to recover the financial compensation you deserve, either through a negotiated settlement or jury verdict.

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Premises liability

If you were hurt in an accident on someone else's property in Canfield, you may be able to recover financial compensation. The owners of homes, parking lots, stores, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels have a responsibility to keep their premises reasonably safe for others. When they don't meet this responsibility, people can get hurt.

But recovering compensation after a premises liability accident can be difficult. Property owners may deny any responsibility for the accident, and may even blame you for what happened. Insurance companies are mainly concerned about their profits, and try to pay as little as possible.

Our Canfield premises liability attorneys investigate your accident to find evidence that proves the property owner was negligent. We build a case the insurance company can't ignore. If they aren't willing to negotiate a settlement that meets your needs, we will be ready to fight for you in court.

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Wrongful death

When a loved one has been lost in an accident caused by the negligence of another, many families want justice. Our firm offers compassionate representation during this difficult time. Our attorneys can help guide you through the process of pursuing financial compensation. This compensation may include funeral expenses, certain medical expenses and loss of income.

We know that no amount of money can replace your loved one. But financial compensation is a way to hold negligent parties accountable. And it can also provide some financial stability for your family as you adjust to your loss.

Our Canfield wrongful death attorneys investigate your loved one's accident to find evidence that the negligence of another was responsible for what happened. We work on behalf of your loved one so you can keep your focus on your family.

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Construction accidents

Construction workers in Canfield do their jobs in workplaces with heavy equipment, construction vehicles and hazardous materials. A construction accident can happen in an instant and leave workers with serious injuries. Recovery may take months or longer. Some workers are left permanently injured.

Workers' compensation benefits cover medical expenses and lost wages. But if the negligence of a third party - such as an outside vendor or an equipment manufacturer - caused the accident that left you hurt, you may be able to take legal action. This includes action to seek compensation for disability, disfigurement, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other damages.

Third parties may deny responsibility, and insurance companies may try to avoid paying you. But our Canfield construction accident attorneys know how to build strong cases that prove a third party's negligence led to your accident. Or goal is to get the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.

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