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We all see commercial trucks every single day in and around Akron. Most of the time, we don't even think twice about seeing a tractor-trailer on the highway, or a delivery truck on the street. But an accident with one of these trucks can leave you seriously injured. The truck accident attorneys at Gervelis Law Firm help victims get justice.

Truck accidents cause serious injuries because commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than cars. In fact, a fully-loaded tractor-trailer can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. That's why truck drivers are required to get a commercial driver's license. It takes training and experience to drive trucks safely.

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    Different types of truck accidents include jackknife accidents, underride crashes, rollovers and rear-end collisions. The negligence of truck drivers is often the cause of these accidents. But the negligence of trucking companies can also be to blame. For example, a truck may have not been properly maintained.

    Victims of truck accidents can be left with broken bones, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries and internal injuries. Recovery can take months or even years. Some victims are left with a permanent disability. Medical expenses for treatment can quickly become overwhelming. And many accident victims are left unable to work, resulting in a loss of income.

    Insurance companies are supposed to help, but recovering financial compensation after a truck accident can be very difficult. One problem is that many parties are involved. There's the truck driver, the trucking company, the company that loaded the truck, and the company that owns the cargo. And each may have their own insurance company and their own lawyers.

    Also, trucking companies and insurance companies will often go to great lengths to avoid paying compensation following an accident. That's because they know there's a lot of money at stake. They will do what they can to pay you as little as possible. They may even blame you for the accident that left you injured.

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    Our law firm has been helping people who have been hurt in truck accidents in Akron for decades. We know how trucking companies and insurance companies operate. We don't put up with delaying tactics or attempts to shift the blame.

    We investigate your truck accident to get the facts. We know where to look for evidence that proves another's negligence caused the accident. Some of this evidence is owned by the trucking company, such as hours of service records and event data records. We take quick action to preserve this evidence before it can be destroyed.

    Our attorneys know how to build a strong case that insurance companies can't ignore. Many times, we are able to negotiate a settlement with the insurance companies involved. But we are only interested in a resolution of your case that meets your needs. This includes compensation for all past and future medical expenses related to your injury, as well as lost wages and other damages.

    If an insurance company does not agree to a fair settlement, we will be fully prepared to fight for you in court. Our attorneys are skilled litigators and have won many awards for our clients at trial.

    Learn more about how we can help. Talk to one of our truck accident attorneys by calling 330-835-2943 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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