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A Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Attorney Ohio Trusts

Fighting for the rights of people hit by cars and cyclists injured and killed in collisions with vehicles

Many people on foot or on bikes might take for granted the act of crossing the street or walking or riding alongside a road. Unfortunately, pedestrians and cyclists are considered vulnerable road users. In accidents with cars, trucks and even motorcycles, they often sustain serious injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a cycling accident or pedestrian accident caused by another driver, make sure you get the legal help you need from an experienced Ohio pedestrian accident lawyer. Make sure you contact Gervelis Law Firm.

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    Serving accidents victims in Ohio, our law firm has the experience and resources to handle even the most complicated bicycle crashes or pedestrian accidents in Youngstown, Akron or other nearby communities. Contact us and schedule an appointment at no charge to discuss the details of your case. Call (866) 622-4096 and meet with us on your terms.

    Why do bicycle and pedestrian accidents happen?

    In Ohio, 85 pedestrians and 19 cyclists were killed in accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Hundreds of injury accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists also happen every year in Ohio for any number of reasons. Some of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents include:

    • Distracted drivers - Texting drivers, drivers talking on cellphones or eating while driving often don't see people cycling or walking alongside a street or crossing one. As a result, some distracted drivers don't stop in time, resulting in a serious accident.
    • Speeding drivers - When people drive too fast, they sometimes don't have time to stop and avoid hitting someone crossing the street or riding alongside a road. Such accidents often result in serious injuries to pedestrians and cyclists.
    • Reckless drivers - Changing lanes without warning, weaving in between cars, tailgating and other forms of aggressive driving sometimes results in accidents involving people cycling or walking alongside a road.

    How can Gervelis Law Firm help me with my bicycle or pedestrian accident?

    Bicycle and pedestrian accidents can be complicated for many different reasons. The driver who caused your accident might deny any wrongdoing, and argue you as a pedestrian or cyclist did something careless or reckless. In other cases, the driver might claim he or she didn't see you, which is no excuse for a negligent driver.

    We know how to aggressively investigate such accidents and find the facts. We routinely visit the scene of pedestrian accidents, review accident reports and interview witnesses whenever possible. We enlist the help of accident reconstruction specialists and other outside experts who can help support the claim.

    Your case is about more than just money. It's about holding the person responsible for your accident accountable for his or her actions. We're ready and eager to work with you and help you get your life back on track.