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Injured in a rear-end accident, a head-on crash or some other type of car wreck? Put your trust in a law firm that puts your needs first.

Ohio Car Accident AttorneyYou've been in a car wreck. Maybe you were seriously injured or lost a loved one and don't know what to do next. Without question, car accidents wreak havoc on the lives of good people in Ohio. In an instant, you or a loved one can sustain a serious, life-altering injury. Motor vehicle accident deaths also often occur - they're the leading cause of death among adults under 34 years old nationwide.

Whether you're dealing with a car crash on I-80 in Youngstown or a car accident on I-76 in Akron, you want to focus on your health or getting the right medical treatment for a loved one. But you also need to deal with all the legal issues involved with your accident as quickly as possible.

That's why we strongly urge you to contact us as soon as possible. Our experienced Ohio car accident attorneys at Gervelis Law Firm can handle every aspect of your case from start to finish. That way, you can focus on what really matters - your recovery. If you were seriously injured and need help with your claim or you lost a loved one and are considering a wrongful death lawsuit, you've come to the right place.

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    Common issues involving car accidents in Ohio

    Our law firm has extensive knowledge about many of the most common car accidents attorneys handle. That's because our lawyers have personally handled different types of cases involving many common causes of car accident claims.Car accident victim sitting in front of damaged vehicle

    Some accident victims wait to contact a lawyer after an accident, especially if they're dealing with serious car accident injuries. They want to focus on their recovery and not have to deal with all the red tape associated with a car accident.

    But that's exactly why you should contact our law firm. We can take care of everything, including all the legal hassles often associated with car accidents and insurance companies. You can also learn more on our "what should I do after my car accident" page.

    What happens in a car crash?

    There are three stages of a car crash:

    • The car collision: As a car crushes after impact, it absorbs some of the force of the collision. A car traveling 30 mph, for example, will crumple approximately 2 feet after hitting a non-moving object.
    • The human collision: At the moment of impact, passengers in a car continue traveling at the vehicle's original speed. As the car stops, passengers fly forward until they come into contact with something. Front seat passengers often hit the dashboard or windshield. Rear seat passengers sometimes slam into the front headrest, front seat passengers or the windshield. All these scenarios can result in catastrophic injuries.
    • The internal collision: Even after the human body comes to a complete stop, internal organs continue moving. These organs slam into other organs or the skeletal system, often causing serious injury or death. For instance, if the brain strikes the inside of the skull, that impact can cause a concussion, even without any contact with an external object.

    How can an Ohio car accident attorney help me?

    Expenses associated with car accidents can add up fast. That's especially true if you sustain a serious injury in your accident. When you have our law firm on your side, we will thoroughly investigate your accident and work to identify who caused your crash.

    Two damaged cars after a rear-end accident in OhioOnce we have gathered all the facts about your crash, we will seek maximum compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. We can also take care of all your legal and logistical issues associated with your crash, including dealing with insurance companies and making sure your car gets fixed or replaced.

    Remember, you didn't do anything wrong. You shouldn't have to suffer because of someone else's negligence. Make sure your car accident receives the attention it deserves. Contact our law firm now for a free case evaluation. Call (866) 622-4096. We proudly serve Youngstown, Akron, Toledo, Columbus, Canfield, Warren, and all of Ohio.

    Top Six Questions after a Car Accident

    What should I do after a car accident?

    Make sure to get the name, address, license number, registration, and contact information of every driver involved in the crash. Exchange insurance information with the other driver, including policy numbers.

    Once you've exchanged information, there are more steps that you should take before you can file your car accident claim. We go over them for you here.

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    Who will pay for the damage to my car?

    Worst Ohio highways graphicIf the car accident was caused by the fault of another driver, generally, the other driver's insurance company will be responsible for paying for the damage to your car. You can also choose to have your insurance company handle your car damage claim if you have collision coverage.

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    Who will pay for my medical bills?

    If the car accident was caused by the fault of the other driver, generally, the other driver's insurance company will be responsible for paying for any medical bills you incur, up to the applicable policy limit. A lawyer can help you file your car accident claim and cover your medical expenses.

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    What if I am hurt, but I can't afford to pay for a doctor's visit?

    If you were hurt in a car accident, it is very important for you to go to the emergency room or your family doctor immediately, even if you think you can’t afford it. Your injuries may be worse than they appear and getting checked out is the best option for your health. Seeing a doctor also prevents the insurance company from saying that you were not hurt when you file your car accident claim.

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    What if the other driver doesn't have insurance?

    If you have insurance, but the other driver doesn't, then you can file a claim with your own insurance company to collect your uninsured motorist coverage, if you have it. Uninsured motorist protection is optional in Ohio, but your insurance company is required to offer it to you (and we highly recommend carrying it).

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    What if I can't afford to pay for an attorney?

    Car accident attorneys are typically paid on a contingency fee basis. That means you don’t pay anything up front, the attorney’s fee is a percentage of the settlement or verdict that you eventually receive. There will be no money taken out of your pocket and no retainer fees. If you don’t win your case, you don’t owe your attorney a fee, although you may be responsible for other associated costs and expenses of your case.

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