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The Dangers of Drunk Drivers in Ohio

In 2013, 271 out of 989 vehicular fatalities in Ohio were attributed to drunk drivers. Ohioans should know how to get help in these cases.

The months of March and April bring with them the prime spring break season. Along with this should come a renewed awareness of the dangers posed by people who choose to drive while intoxicated. Residents in and around Canton can become victims of a serious injury crash or even a fatal accident all too easily in these situations.

High alcohol blood levels of concern

Drivers are considered legally intoxicated once their blood alcohol levels reach 0.08 percent. A BAC level of 0.15 percent or higher is deemed to be extremely high and can pose an even greater risk to innocent persons. Information from the Century Council for 2012 highlights this fact. In Ohio 77 percent of drunk drivers involved in fatal traffic accidents that year were found to have blood alcohol levels over 0.14 percent.

Additionally, people who have previous DUI convictions yet continue to drive drunk can often have extremely high BAC levels. Among those repeat offenders involved in Ohio's fatal drunk driving crashes in 2012, BAC levels over 0.14 percent were found in 80 percent of cases.

A broader look at drunk driving in Ohio

Statistics from the 2013 records of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that 989 people died in motor vehicle accidents in Ohio that year. Of those 271 were killed in crashes that involved alcohol. The number of deaths per county ranged from zero to 23. In Mahoning County, one out of the total 25 vehicular fatalities resulted from an impaired driving crash. Every life is precious and even one death of this nature is senseless and one too many.

Attempts to reduce drunk driving

The laws provide stiff penalties for drivers convicted of DUI offenses. One of these penalties can be the required use of an ignition interlock device. As noted by the National Conference of State Legislatures, Ohio legislation requires this for any driver convicted of a third or subsequent drunk driving charge. For a driver convicted of a first or second offense, the use of an IID may be ordered depending upon the case.

Technology that allows ignition interlock device features to be built into new vehicles is being considered by some manufacturers according to TechHive. This would negate the need to have devices installed into drivers' vehicles after their convictions.

Staying safe on Ohio roads

Every person in Canton deserves to feel safe when on area roads. It is equally important for all people to know that they have rights and should seek help if an accident occurs. Making a consultation appointment with a lawyer in these situations is advised.

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