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How Can a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help Me?

Our Ohio law firm can help fight for maximum compensation. Discover how we can make a difference.

You've been in a motorcycle accident, and you probably have questions: Should I hire a lawyer for my motorcycle accident claim or should I deal with the insurance company on my own?

Maybe you're thinking about hiring an attorney but perhaps want to wait and see if the claim gets too complicated to handle on your own. It's possible you've received a quick settlement offer from the claims adjuster and want to accept it and move on.

Be wary of quick offers. And be careful what you say to the insurance company. They are trained to contact you quickly to get information about the accident that they can use to deny your claim or keep payments to a minimum.

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    A smart move is to contact an attorney after your motorcycle accident. Even if you only have a few simple questions, an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can provide you with helpful, accurate advice.

    Talk to us before you talk to the insurance company. Call Gervelis Law Firm at (866) 622-4096 and meet with us. We offer a free case evaluation to all potential clients. We only get paid if you get paid. (Clients may be responsible for associated costs and expenses of their case).

    Why should I contact Gervelis Law Firm about my motorcycle accident?

    When you contact us, we can assist you by taking the following actions, among other things:

    • Dealing directly with insurance companies on your behalf so you can focus on your physical recovery.
    • Helping you fill out any official forms associated with your motorcycle crash.
    • Making sure you receive the medical care you deserve after your accident.
    • Correcting any mistakes on your official Ohio Traffic Crash Report.
    • Aggressively investigating your accident, including reviewing accident reports, consulting with accident reconstructionists and visiting the accident scene if necessary.
    • Reviewing any settlement offers you might receive after your crash.
    • Filing a motorcycle accident lawsuit on your behalf if necessary.
    • Helping you obtain financial compensation for lost wages if you're unable to work after your accident.

    Put the power of an experienced Ohio motorcycle accident attorney to work for you. Contact Gervelis Law Firm right now.