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"Who Will Pay For My Car Accident in Ohio?"

Experienced Accident Attorney Explains How System Works

After a car accident in Ohio, it's often confusing to know what to do. Should you call the police? Should you call an ambulance? The answer is yes to both questions. But one question some accident victims might not think about can turn out to be just as important - how will I pay for my car accident?

At the Gervelis Law Firm, we can help you answer that question and many more about your accident. That's because our experienced car accident attorneys know how the system works in Ohio - and we know how to help our clients get maximum car accident compensation.

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    What are Ohio's minimum insurance requirements?

    All drivers in Ohio must have car insurance. The minimum amount of insurance they must have includes:

    • $25,000 for injuries to one person
    • $50,000 for all injuries per accident
    • $25,000 for property damage

    Such figures might seem like a lot of money. But accident expenses can add up fast in Ohio. And many people only take into account expenses shortly after an accident, rather than expenses that can continue to add up months or years later.

    "What can I be compensated for after my car accident?"

    A lot of people want to know “How much compensation can I get for back pain?” Or “How much compensation can I get for neck pain?” Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. When you're trying to figure out the total financial impact of your accident, you need to think long-term. It's not just your emergency medical expenses or car repairs that count. You need to factor in everything that you have to pay for associated with your accident, even if you get a bill for such things months or years later.

    And in every single case, you deserve compensation for car accident expenses related to your accident. Such accident-related expenses can include:

    • Emergency medical care
    • Follow-up medical care
    • Surgical procedures
    • Physical therapy
    • In-home nursing care
    • Replacing or repairing your vehicle
    • Lost income during your recovery
    • Lost future income if you cannot return to work
    • Modifications to your home due to a permanent disability
    • Mental anguish
    • Pain and suffering

    Many other accident-related expenses exist. And in each case, it's critical that you keep track of such expenses. That way, we can help you get the money you truly deserve for your crash. We can also explain to you exactly how Ohio's car accident insurance system works.

    Ohio's 'fault' car insurance system

    Like many states, Ohio has a "fault" based car insurance system. Under this system, the at-fault driver must compensate you and anyone else who was injured in your accident. This could include other drivers, passengers, motorcyclists or even pedestrians.

    In Ohio, the amount of money accident victims receive depends on whether they contributed to the cause of their crash. That's because Ohio has a comparative fault system.

    Ohio's comparative fault insurance system

    Comparative fault - or comparative negligence - measures what percentage someone was at fault in an accident. That number is then used to adjust how much the accident victim receives from the at-fault driver.

    For example, if you were 30 percent at fault, you would receive 30 percent less than your total settlement amount. So if your losses were $100,000 for all your accident-related expenses, you would receive $70,000 since you were 30 percent at fault.

    If you were 51 percent or more at fault, you will not receive any money for your crash, according to Ohio's comparative fault system. Such figures can be very controversial. That's because insurance companies for the other driver will often try to claim you were a higher percentage at fault. We can help you set the record straight.

    Accidents involving uninsured or underinsured drivers

    Ohio requires all drivers to have auto insurance. But not every driver follows this law. If you have been involved in a car accident with a driver who does not have car insurance, getting the compensation you deserve can be very complicated. The same is true if you're in a crash with a driver who doesn't have enough car insurance.

    If you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UIM), you can file a car accident injury claim with your own insurance company. This type of insurance is not mandatory, but strongly advised. That's because you can file a UIM accident claim if you're involved in the following types of accidents:

    • Accidents involving uninsured driver
    • Accidents involving underinsured driver
    • Hit-and-run auto accident

    If you've been hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver, contact our law firm right away. We know how the legal system works in Ohio. And we know how to get results when they matter most.

    Why you should choose us

    Whether you are seeking compensation for a rear-end accident or compensation for a drunk driving accident, we can help. Many car accidents seem straightforward at first. But even when another driver clearly caused your crash, that doesn't mean you will automatically get the money you rightfully deserve for your crash. That's why it's critical that you have our experienced attorneys on your side, especially when it comes to dealing with insurance companies.

    Many people think that insurance companies have their best interests at heart. Here's the truth: Most insurance companies only care about making money. And often, that means they will do whatever it takes to reduce your car accident compensation claim or deny it altogether.

    That's not right. That's why we want to meet with you as soon as possible. Insurance companies don't scare us. And as your attorney, we will do whatever it takes to help you get the money you rightfully deserve for your Ohio car accident. Contact our law firm and schedule your free case evaluation today.