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We Investigate Trucking Companies

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A truck accident can cause devastating injuries. At Gervelis Law Firm, we fight to hold negligent parties accountable after a truck accident, to help the injured recover the financial compensation they need and deserve. Sometimes, these negligent parties include trucking companies.

Following a truck accident, a trucking company will likely send an investigator to the scene as soon as they can. That investigator's main responsibility is to protect the interests of the trucking company. Evidence that implicates the driver or the company won't be immediately shared. Witnesses may be asked leading or incomplete questions.

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    Trucking companies have lawyers looking out for them. That's why it's important to have an experienced truck accident attorney looking out for you. We know how trucking companies operate after an accident, and we know how to overcome the obstacles they put up to prevent us from getting the facts.

    We do our own investigation. Our attorneys take steps to preserve evidence in the possession of the trucking company, by court order if necessary. This evidence may include:

    • Hours of Service (HOS) data - This information may be in manual logs or in electronic logging devices. It can tell us if the driver followed federal regulations concerning the number of hours drivers are allowed to spend on the road.
    • Employment records - This helps us determine if the trucking company hired a driver who had a poor safety record or was not qualified to operate a truck.
    • Maintenance records - Trucking companies are required to keep their trucks in good working order and must promptly repair any problems.
    • Electronic data - Most trucks have electronic control modules (or "black boxes") that record information about the truck's operation.

    Fighting to recover compensation

    Our attorneys carefully review the information we get from the trucking companies. We know where to look for evidence of negligence and will investigate further if we need more information. We also contact witnesses and interview them ourselves. And if necessary, we consult accident reconstruction experts.

    We've helped many people who have been injured in truck accidents. We know how to build strong cases that hold negligent trucking companies responsible.

    If you were hurt in a truck accident in Ohio or western Pennsylvania, it's important to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can take steps to preserve evidence from the trucking company before it is lost or destroyed.

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