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What are Common Truck Accidents Lawyers Handle?

Details about Ohio truck accidents from Gervelis Law Firm, experienced attorneys for victims

Many different kinds of truck accidents happen every single day in Ohio. Some might seem minor at first glance. But many truck accidents ultimately turn out to be much more severe and complicated than they appear.

At Gervelis Law Firm, we're familiar with many different types of commercial truck accidents. This experience enables us to take an aggressive approach right from the start. We're not unprepared to do the work that needs to be done to find the facts and build a compelling legal case.

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    What are common types of truck accidents?

    The following are some of the top types of crashes involving trucks on Ohio highways:

    Jackknife Accident

    Jackknife truck accidents refer to a specific type of crash involving tractor trailers. Specifically, the trailer of the truck and the truck cab fold back into each other like a switchblade folding back into the handle.

    When other vehicles get caught in between the trailer and truck cab swiveling toward each other, the consequences can often be disastrous.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck jackknife accident, you need skilled representation from an experienced truck accident lawyer. Our firm aggressively pursues justice for families affected by truck jackknifing accidents. These accidents are often the fault of negligent drivers. Contributing factors often include:

    • Braking problems
    • Poor driving conditions
    • Icy roads
    • Going around curves too fast

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    Underride Accident

    These accidents occur when a car collides with or slides under the rear end of a tractor trailer, either because the rear of the truck or trailer is too high off the ground or because its structure is weak and fails to adequately resist the impact of the vehicle. The most common cause of these devastating rear-end collisions is the lack of visibility and underride protection at the rear of trucks and tractor trailers.

    The rear-end guards on many large trucks are a flimsy U-shaped device that complies with outdated regulations from 1953, but does not meet the safety needs of today's drivers. In addition, a truck's brake lights might not be functioning, resulting in drivers of smaller vehicles driving underneath a truck. Underride accidents often result catastrophic injuries or the death of the driver and front seat passengers.

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    Fatal Truck Accident

    There's nothing more devastating than losing a loved one without warning in a truck accident. If your wife, husband, son or daughter died in a crash caused by a truck driver, knowing what to do afterward can be overwhelming.

    Our Ohio fatal truck accident attorneys at Gervelis Law Firm provide strong representation to families dealing with such devastating accidents in Ohio and Pennsylvania. We have a thorough understanding of the law and will do everything we can to secure the maximum compensation available for you and your children. Contact our law firm and schedule a free initial consultation.

    Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, you and your children may be entitled to seek specific damages (financial compensation) from the parties responsible for your loved one's death, including funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses, loss of income, loss of love and companionship, mental anguish and other considerations.

    When you hire our firm to handle your truck accident wrongful death claim, we identify all of the damages that apply to your case and diligently pursue them. We can handle all the red tape associated with your fatal truck accident so you can focus on what really matters - dealing with the emotional loss of a loved one. We're here for you every step of the way.

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    Delivery Truck Accident

    Delivery truck drivers, including FedEX drivers and UPS drivers, must abide by strict rules of conduct and safety created for such drivers. If you have been injured in an accident involving a delivery truck, it's important to have an experienced attorney investigate your accident to determine if the truck driver violated the law and your rights.

    Delivery vehicle drivers must follow the rules of the road and all applicable safety regulations. They are held to a higher standard than other motorists. Delivery truck operators must obtain a special license and receive specialized training. They often drive hundreds of miles every day and must act professionally in traffic.

    When you are represented by Gervelis Law Firm, we will analyze your accident report and all available evidence to determine whether rules and regulations were followed before, during and after your delivery truck accident. We will leave nothing unexamined in pursuit of justice after your truck accident.

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    Construction Zone Accident

    At Gervelis Law Firm, we know how to approach construction zone accident cases involving commercial trucks and construction vehicles. These cases tend to fall into two primary categories: accidents involving trucks entering or leaving a construction zone and accidents involving commercial trucks driving through a construction zone.

    Depending on the circumstances of your crash, you could suffer serious injuries ranging from broken bones and traumatic brain injuries to serious spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis. As your legal counsel, we will work to determine the full extent of your injuries and seek the right compensation to accommodate all your short- and long-term needs.

    Our comprehensive approach includes identifying all negligent parties and exploring the viability of pursuing a claim against each one of them. This includes investigating whether the construction site was set up and marked properly, whether sufficient signage was used, whether the construction zone created hazardous road conditions and any other issues that could have been a contributing factor in your accident.

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