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See a Doctor After a Crash in Toledo

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Car crashes and other bad accidents in Toledo can happen in an instant, but the resulting pain and loss can last a lifetime.

Because pain can be delayed and serious internal injuries can go unnoticed, it is critical that crash victims see a doctor as soon as possible. This is true even if you feel “OK” immediately after an accident. Shock and adrenaline can mask injuries like whiplash, organ damage, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, concussion, and fractured bones.

At Gervelis Law Firm, we hold reckless people – like distracted, drunk, drowsy, and aggressive drivers - accountable for their negligence. We know what it takes to get crash victims in Toledo the compensation they deserve.

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    We understand what is at stake for people who are injured or lose loved ones in Toledo accidents. We know how the justice and insurance systems work in Lucas County. We use our experience and knowledge to get real results for our clients.

    People who have been injured in crashes caused by others probably know that they are owed compensation and quality medical care, but they don’t know how to access it. Below is a guide to the kinds of medical treatment you may need after a bad accident and the local Toledo and Lucas County services you may use.

    Getting medical treatment after a crash

    Serious injuries often result from car accidents. Crashes that cause the most damage tend to involve factors like:

    • Speeding
    • Distracted driving
    • Impaired or drunk driving (DUI, DWI, or OVI)
    • Drowsy driving
    • Defective motor vehicle parts
    • Vehicle weight

    In general, there are five types of medical care a crash victim can seek – On-site, Emergency, Post-crash, Specialized, and Rehabilitation.

    On-site medical care

    Whether it was a rear-end collision on I-75, a T-bone with a tractor-trailer truck on Jefferson Avenue, or any other kind of wreck, all people involved should accept an examination from first responders. Even if you feel OK, it is important to get help from an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), paramedic, or other responders at the scene of the crash.

    Local communities with their own EMS (emergency medical services) transportation include Toledo, Maumee, Oregon, the Village of Whitehouse, Springfield Township, and Sylvania Township. Private ambulance services in the area include Lifestar, ProMedica, and Brookside (aka Kish).

    An EMT may spot an injury you cannot feel because it is being masked by shock and adrenaline. They may also be able to identify serious internal injuries that don’t cause pain until the situation is dire. This also creates an important document that can support your insurance claim.

    EMT and accident reports are just some of the types of evidence our Toledo car accident attorneys collect while investigating what happened. We go to the scene, gather documents, and interview witnesses to build you a strong case for compensation.

    Emergency treatment

    People who are seriously or critically injured in a crash are often transported to a local emergency department. In Toledo, there are a handful of emergency departments (EDs or ERs) including:

    • ProMedica Toledo Hospital on N Cove Boulevard.
    • University of Toledo Medical Center on Arlington Avenue.
    • Mercy Health’s St. Anne (W Sylvania Avenue) and St. Vincent (Cherry Street) hospitals.
    • Outside of Toledo, the Fulton County Hospital and Emergency Medical Center in Wauseon has a well-regarded emergency department.

    Each facility has a reason for standing out. St. Vincent, for example, has burn and children’s trauma units. ProMedica Toledo is a Level 1 Trauma Center with access to specialty-trained medical professionals commended for chest pain care. The hospital also provides trauma care for children.

    Once you are stable and safe, it’s time to protect your rights. Contact Gervelis Law Firm before talking with an insurance adjuster or accepting a settlement offer. Our car accident lawyers provide free consultations. At no cost to you, a member of our team can explain how the law applies to your specific situation and help you weigh your legal options.


    If you are not immediately transported from the crash site to a hospital, it is still important that you see a medical professional right away. This is true even if you were examined by an EMT. A doctor has more time, training, and resources than an EMT and may pick up on issues missed amid the chaos of the accident scene.

    You may decide to go to the ER yourself, a physician you know, or an urgent care facility. In Toledo, UCCs (urgent care centers) include Greater Toledo Urgent Care (with multiple locations including centers on S Detroit Avenue and N Reynolds Road), McLaren CareNow on S Reynolds Road, and Acute Urgent Care on Airport Highway.

    Common car accident injuries include:

    • Punctures, cuts, and lacerations
    • Burns
    • Facial injuries
    • Broken bones in the arms, legs, hip, clavicle, ribs, face (skull and cranium), back, wrist, and ankles
    • Internal organ damage
    • Herniated spinal discs
    • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) such as concussions
    • Pain in your side, back, neck, shoulders, knees, etc
    • Whiplash
    • Reduced range of motion

    A thorough medical examination is necessary after a crash, not just for your health, but to establish the severity of your injuries. Getting checked out right after a bad accident leaves little room for the insurance companies to insist that you were injured before or after the crash.

    Remember that insurance companies owe accident victims enough compensation to cover their accident-related medical expenses, lost wages, and decreased abilities. The Gervelis Law Firm has many years of experience successfully pushing back against lowball settlement offers from insurance companies. We don’t accept anything less than what you deserve.

    Specialist care

    Car crashes produce unique injuries that often require specialized medical attention.

    Injured accident victims are frequently referred to orthopedic doctors and surgeons. This type of medical professional specializes in bone fractures, back injuries, and joint damage and replacement.

    Other specialists that often treat crash victims include:

    • Audiologists (hearing and balance).
    • Neurologists
    • Orthodontists
    • Orthopedic surgeons
    • Plastic surgeons
    • Psychiatrists or psychologists
    • Radiologists

    Specialized treatment for serious injuries can quickly become expensive. That’s why it’s important that you contact Gervelis Law Firm as soon as possible after your accident. The faster we can get started on your case, the sooner we can start advocating for the compensation you need and deserve.


    Rehabilitation is unique to everyone. For many crash victims, recovering from a severe injury is a long road.

    Some of the rehabilitation services crash victims frequently require include:

    • Physical therapy
    • Speech-language therapy
    • Chiropractic treatment
    • Mental health therapy
    • Massage therapy
    • Occupational and vocational therapy
    • Follow-up surgeries

    Whether you need a few sessions with a physical therapist or a lifetime of chiropractic visits, your settlement should cover the expense. Our car accident attorneys know how to accurately calculate the true cost of your injury and the financial impact it will have on you moving forward. Without considering the full, long-term cost of your injury, you could wind up paying out of pocket for medical treatment down the road.

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    At Gervelis Law Firm, our car accident attorneys offer legal representation on contingency. This means that there is no retainer fee or hourly rate for you to pay for our services. Our fee is a percentage of the final settlement or verdict. If we don’t recover compensation on your behalf, you pay no fees. It’s that easy.

    If you were injured or a loved one died in a crash, contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced Toledo car accident lawyer. At no cost to you, a member of our team will help you weigh your legal options and explain the value of your claim. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you.