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Ohio Among the 5 Deadliest States for Winter Driving

Car tires on winter road covered with snow. Vehicle on snowy way in the morning at snowfall

An Ohio Car Accident Lawyer Reveals What You Need to Know

Ohio is among the deadliest states for winter driving, according to a new study.

In terms of total car accident fatalities, the most dangerous states are Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and Illinois. These states account for about 36% of all winter driving deaths, according to ValuePenguin's "Deadliest States For Winter Driving" analysis.

Over the 5 years studied, there have been more than 170 winter-driving fatalities reported in Ohio. In 2017, Ohio had the most winter-driving fatal car accidents of any state.

Common Types of Winter Crashes

Snow and ice can magnify the damage a negligent driver can inflict because the slick surface increases speed and reduces vehicle control. Common types of wintertime crashes include:

  • Rear-end accidents: A reckless driver is following too closely and is unable to stop in time to avoid a rear-end collision with another vehicle.
  • Intersection accidents - A driver who is going too fast or brakes too suddenly skids out of control on black ice into an intersection.
  • Head-on collisions - An inattentive driver who makes a sudden maneuver to avoid road debris, snow, ice, or a pedestrian can lose control of their vehicle and veer into the opposite lane. A car skidding sideways into the oncoming lane can also be impacted on the side and result in a T-bone crash.

Even when the weather is bad, motorists still have a responsibility to adjust their driving for the conditions. Those who fail to do so and injure others in accidents can be held accountable for their actions.

Dangerous Winter Crash Hotspots

While Ohio reports more wintertime driving deaths than most other states, some areas of the state are riskier than others.

Here are the top 5 deadliest Ohio cities for winter driving;

  • Columbus - 7 winter-driving fatalities, 2013-2017
  • Akron - 4 winter-driving deaths
  • Youngstown - 4
  • Austintown - 2
  • Cambridge - 2

Meanwhile, the roadway with the most winter-related fatal crashes over the last 5 years is I-71 - which connects Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. The roadways that have seen the most winter-driving deaths during the years surveyed (2013-2017) are:

  • I-71 - 7 winter driving-related fatalities
  • I-70 - 6 deaths
  • I-80 - 6
  • CR-67 - 3
  • I-76 - 3

Ohio reports a lot of winter car accident fatalities, but its fatal winter driving-related crash rate is also among the highest in the nation. Here there are an average of 28.3 fatalities per 100 below-freezing days.

The only states with higher fatality rates are Texas (48.8), Michigan (37), and Pennsylvania (34.2).

Common Injuries

Too often, bad winter car accidents end in serious injury or death. Common injuries sustained in winter-weather crashes include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), including concussions
  • Broken or fractured bones in the legs, arms, chest, and ribs
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal Cord Injuries (SCIs)
  • Musculoskeletal Damage (MSDs - soft tissue, muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries)
  • Persistent pain in shoulders, back, and/or neck
  • Damage to the knees, hip, and shoulder joints

To help prevent crashes through preparedness, the Ohio Department of Transportation launched OHGO. The interactive map communicates in real-time when and where driving obstacles like crashes, construction, and bad weather are affecting traffic.

Crash Victims Have Legal Rights

If you were injured or a loved one died in a winter weather-related crash, a car accident attorney can look out for your best interests and fight for the compensation you're entitled to.

At Gervelis Law Firm, we've been serving clients in Ohio for decades. We're known for finding the facts that matter, building strong cases, and advocating for every dollar our clients deserve.

Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation to learn how we can help with your potential legal case. We have offices conveniently located in Columbus, Toledo, Akron, Warren, and Canfield, Ohio.

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