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Akron Ohio Drivers Face Greater Risk of Accidents

Ohio auto accident attorneyA recent collision in Akron, Ohio caused one death and caused an additional three injuries when six cars become involved in a motor vehicle accident. WKYC reported on the tragic fatal accident, which happened on US 224 eastbound near the south ramp to I-77 south. The crash was actually a chain reaction accident. Initially, four cars got into a crash at 8:15 p.m. This first crash caused two more cars to then become involved in a collision.  This second accident caused a car to catch on fire, and only one person could be pulled from it. Three passengers sustained trauma, and one was killed in the blaze.

Unfortunately, this accident is one of many fatal car accidents that will occur in 2017 in Ohio. If recent trends hold, the number of car accident fatalities will be higher throughout the United States than it was in 2017 and the total fatality count will exceed 40,000 fatalities.  It is still too early to tell if 2017 will be more dangerous than last year, but many indicators suggest the accident risk will in fact by greater for motorists.

Accident Risks Keep Rising

There is reason to suspect 2017 will see a higher rate of accidents than 2016 because there have been big increases in auto accidents the last two years. Between 2014 and 2016, there was a 14 percent rise in fatal motor vehicle accidents, according to NPR.  There was a six percent rise in deadly car accidents just between 2015 and 2016.  The two-year increase is the biggest increase that has occurred in 50 years, and experts are especially troubled by the fact that crash rates went up so much for two consecutive years after they had been trending down for a long while.

Most experts believe there are multiple causes of the rise in car accidents. NPR attributes the increased crash risk to problems like a rising number of distracted motorists. Distraction has been a big problem for a long while, but could get worse as more motorists get cars with infotainment systems. Live Science explains that these systems present major cognitive distraction, but most motorists don't realize the dangers because the systems are hands free.

The number of distracted motorists will probably keep growing in 2017, which is one big reason why car accident rates may rise again this year. NPR also attributes rising accident rates to improving economic conditions. Since 2017 is starting out strong, with good jobs numbers and major stock market growth, there is every reason to believe that the economy will keep improving- and thus crash rates will keep rising.

Drivers need to know that better economic conditions, more distracted drivers, and other factors like rising rates of drunk driving could make their risk of car accident fatalities greater. Motorists should commit to not engaging in dangerous behaviors themselves and should drive assertively so they can try to respond in a safe way to the unsafe actions of others on the road.

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