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Truck Accident Lawyer Columbus, Ohio

We can help with big rig, tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler and semi-truck crashes

Large commercial trucks can be seen every day in Columbus. Most of the time, we barely notice them. When one of those trucks cause an accident, you can be left with serious injuries that have a significant impact on your life. When the negligence of another led to the crash, you deserve financial compensation.

Gervelis Law Firm has been helping clients injured in Columbus truck accidents for decades. Whether your accident involved a tractor-trailer, flatbed truck, box truck, garbage truck or any other type of large commercial vehicle, we can help. Our attorneys have the experience, knowledge and resources needed to handle these complex cases and get results.

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    A truck accident can happen anywhere in Columbus – on I-270, Route 33 or West Town Street. Some trucks were speeding down the highway while others were on the way to making a delivery in the city. It only takes one act of negligence – by the driver, trucking company or another party – to cause a serious crash.

    Commercial trucks are extremely large and extremely heavy. They can cause devastating damage when they strike a much smaller passenger car, especially at high speed. Drivers and passengers of cars can suffer broken bones, internal injuries and injuries to the head, neck or back. More serious injuries include traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injuries.

    Negligent drivers are often the cause of Columbus truck accidents. A driver was speeding, making it much more difficult to come to a complete stop. A driver may have been texting or operating dashboard controls. Truck drivers can also be fatigued from spending too much time behind the wheel. In other cases, a driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    The negligence of trucking companies can also be responsible for causing accidents. A trucking company may have failed to properly maintain or repair the truck. The company may have failed to make sure the driver they hired was qualified and had a safe driving record. Or they may have given the driver a schedule that was not realistic.

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    Recovering compensation after a Columbus truck collision can be complicated. Drivers and trucking companies deny doing anything wrong. The trucking company may be based in another state. Insurance companies will try to minimize your claim because they know there’s a lot of money at stake.

    That’s why you need an experienced Columbus truck accident lawyer who is ready to fight for your rights. Our Rapid Investigation Team can be at the accident scene within 24 hours. We gather evidence – including evidence under the control of the trucking company, such as hours of service logs and data from electronic control modules. We carefully review accident reports and interview witnesses.

    Our Columbus lawyers sort through the evidence to identify negligent parties and build a strong case. We demand compensation for all current and future medical expenses, lost wages if you couldn’t work, and other damages, such as pain and suffering. Our goal is maximum compensation, whether that’s through a negotiated settlement or a jury verdict.

    If you were injured in a Columbus truck accident, learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our experienced truck accident lawyers.